Pool Closing

Closing your pool is never fun, but Fox Pools can help!

Our technicians are professionally trained and ready to make closing your pool simpler.

We offer 2 different types of pool closings.

A Full Pool Closing Includes:

  • Vacuuming and cleaning the pool
  • Adding the winterizing chemicals (provided by the customer or billed additionally based on pool size)
  • Removing all necessary pool equipment
  • Eliminating water from the plumbing lines and installing winter plugs
  • Draining and winterizing the filter, pump, heater and chlorinator
  • Installing the pool cover

A Lines Only Pool Closing Includes:

  • Draining and winterizing of the plumbing lines, filter, pump, heater and chlorinator
  • Lines Only does not include: pool cleaning, winter chemicals, and cover installation

Any Winter Plugs, Closing Chemicals or Covers provided by Fox Pools will be charged at regular retail price.

Fill out the form below and our Service Manager will contact you to schedule a date for your pool closing.

Pool Closing
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We also offer professionally-installed, custom made safety covers for in-ground pools. Check out the options here.

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